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Cold And Deer Hunting Season

This weekend we start the great Wisconsin deer season. We have all these little orange men walking around in the woods.

My husband is a deer hunter, I come from a long family line of hunters. I have even gone out a few times with my husband. I found out real soon, girl in woods, cold, no place to pee! Dont get me wrong, I do live in the north woods, and can and will pee outside. With us woman, it is not as easy as just whipping it out and peeing not towards the wind. And, when there is snow on the ground, no place for me to hang on to so I do not fall over and get my butt wet and very, very, cold.

This deer season, it is going to be a good old fashion deer season. The last, as least five years or so, the weather had been to warm and no snow on the ground. The guys and gals to do not like to hunt when it is raining, and the temps are above freezing. First, no snow to track the deer, second, if you do get a deer you need to get it in right away for processing. No one likes to have a smelling deer! I do not think no one wants to eat that deer either.

This year that lake snow kicked in and we are lucky to have a few inches on the ground. Not all places, even a few miles south have snow.  That is one thing with lake affect snow. We can have a blizzard here, you can go five miles into town and the sun is out with not a snow flake to be found.

The winter season sure has not started the same time it did even five years ago. No, we are now lucky to have snow at Christmas or the first of January. We need the snow up here, we depend on the snow to make a living. No snow, means no one coming up to snowmobile, nor us living here snowmobiling. We depend on hot sunny summers, cold snowy winters. We do not have any industries up her and that is the way the town board wants it to stay! Not us who have to make our money by working! With what is going on all over the country right now, we all up north are hurting. But, we will make it, we are a tough bunch of folks that live up here. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, we help out each other, we are also big givers.

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