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With Thanksgiving a day away, I notice in our local paper, in the news, on the web, people talking about what they are thankful for.

The holiday season is now, well, here for more of a simple wording. It seems people have allot of time on their hands this season. I see on the news, read on my new sites I like to go on, all kinds of people fighting over Thanksgiving, fighting over the word Christmas. We some how have became so annal, so afraid of hurting some ones feelings, but at the same time not caringabout any one. I find this whole having to be PC, a group of people having nothing else better to do then rain on some one elses parade.

I ask myself why? What causes some one to protest a play a group of children put together? Not only on Thanksgiving, no, they will not get a lot of TV time. We now have to go after Christmas, and all holidays. We have to say, “happy holidays” or the plays the children make are called “winter celebration,” or some other saying to that affect.

What is all this fighting by grown adults doing to our country? How is any of this helping our children? I mean there is this huge elephant in the room and no one is doing anything about it. What ever happened to keeping our mouth shut? Can we really no do that anymore, are we so strived for attention? Is that not what this is really all about, attention.

If no one would pay any attention to these people, they would just go away. All it took was one letter to a school, one letter, I repeat, one letter! Now what one person did is plastered all over the news. Next month is Christmas, we all know we will hear more of the same, as we all ready are. All it takes is one person who has to make their views, their ways, to ruin it for the rest of us. It is really simple if you do not agree with Thanksgiving, with the word Christmas, do not go to the fireworks, the parade, the wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Do not ruin it for the rest of us.

I guess that is what I am thankful for. My country, my freedom of speech, the holidays I can celebrate with my family and loved ones. This is our country! We can at times put our differences behind us and learn to respect one another.

As I like to say, I find is so much easier to love then to hate. Hate is nothing but a waste.


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