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Happy Thanksgiving

Today we ate good and are all stuffed like the Thanksgiving turkey. My husband and his family go out deer hunting and come home to a wonderful dinner. That is our tradition in the family, and has been tradition since I can remember. We are very blessed my husband and I, with family and friends for all the holidays.

We also had our winter weather start tonight. This afternoon we had freezing drizzle, that did not make for nice driving, trust me. Tonight it is snowing and the wind is blowing the snow around. We do need a lot more snow then what we have.

The first ice is on the lakes and some of my family are all ready fishing. Now for me, I need a lot more ice on the lakes. Fishing is always good at first ice, as we call it. We will be out on the lakes soon fishing too.

Now we can all say, “think snow.”


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