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I do not know why but I just had to giggle to myself when I read that we will have an ” UBER-COOL” president. Really?

I just threw up in my mouth a little, excuse me while I go rinse.

I do have a question, is UBER even a word?


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Vacation Time Is Over

With my Christmas season done for this year, I can now get back to posting.

I took this season off from my computer because my dear husband had his Christmas vacation. With being just my husband and I with no children, we take this time to be together, be with our families and friends.

I am the computer geek in the house. My dear husband can turn on my laptop and play a few games, and that is about it. When I go on the computer, I can be on it for hours and not even notice. And if I get into researching something, forget it, nothing much can take me away.

We did have a wonderful Christmas. A few where sick in the family with that cold/flu going around up here. Christmas day was nice, peaceful, darn near perfect!

The weather on the other hand was bad for us in the north woods for a few day. We warmed up into the upper 40s and had rain, and mist for two days in a row. Taking with it a lot of our snow that was just starting to add up. The lakes became slush, all the trails where very sloppy. Now, still without snow to help, at least the weather is cooling down. The slush on the lakes should start to freeze, and now at least the snowmobile trails will have a good base. The trails are very icy right now, I will take icy over bare.

I have been going through news with-drawls the last few days. Yes, I know, I am strange! With only the MSM on the T.V. and not being able to check out my news websites, blogs, and the like, it was so hard!

My first stop on the computer this early evening was to my blog, now I am off to my websites.


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This Weeks Winter Weather

Down state Wisconsin is still getting more snow fall then we are up north. But, some good news, our snow is starting to add up. We are getting help from lake affect snow, and 3-4 inches of snow falling for the last few days. Those little snow falls each day has added up to finally a nice amount of snow. Not that we do not need more, we still do.

The snowmobile trails should be in “good” condition. I will be going out riding tonight for the first time this year. I have talked to a few locals on Sunday, that have been out. We had some bad ruts still, and bumpy spots. The snow that has feel Saturday and this week all ready should extremely help our snowmobile trails. We cannot forget about our “silent sports” this snow will also help out the ski trails and snow shoeing too.

Ice fishing has been hit and miss the last few days and this past weekend. The walleyes are starting to move in deeper waters. My husband caught one small walleye in 15 feet of water. The ice on the lakes are at a foot plus. My brother was the first to drive out on our favorit winter lake. No, not something I would advise doing if you do not know the lake well. Check at our local bait stores for information on ice conditions. Our local paper has all the fishing information in the outdoor section.

Our highways are not bare right now. The weather for awhile now has been to cold for the salt to work well. The back roads are mostly ice covered and very slippery. As of this morning we are still using sand on the highways to help. I cannot stress the importance of slowing down! When you are coming to a stop, start slowing down way in advance. Four wheel drive will not help on ice. If you loss control going 55mph, and are in four wheel drive, you are less likely to recover. Slow down even if you have 4 wheel drive! You still cannot go as fast as you do on bare pavement!

The weather service is calling for freezing rain starting on Friday. If this does hold true we are not in a good way at all. We will then have layers of ice, snow, more ice, then again snow. Keep track on the weather and on the roads. This time of year is a good time before leaving to check out this site, “Winter Road Conditions.” As I look today, not one place in the state of Wisconsin is in good driving condition. It is winter, it is time for us all to slow down.

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Main Stream Media 

This is why I do so love Hotair.( And these are the kind of stories why I so do hate the MSM.(main stream media)

So we have an in-law who was in trouble by the law with illegal drugs. We now will have a president who talked to, who knew a terrorist. This is a well known fact to those of us who do not rely on getting our news from the MSM. See, folks from MSNBC only will report on the facts as they like or they see fit. They are not fair, they do not report the full facts. Yes I know it is also not fair of me to only go after MSNBC but they as I see it are the worse. The other ones are not to far behind.

My gosh, this is an in-law! We do not get to choose who our in-laws are. This is a private family affair if you ask me. Why would such a story even make “headline news?” Not only that, but to make fun of such things is sick! I guess what I find important and what the MSM thinks is important is two majorly different things. I guess the economy in the tank, billions of dollars being lost and spent. People that no longer have a house this Christmas to call a home. Folks that lost jobs at no fault of their own. The lack of help available to our young men and woman coming home from war. There are so many, many, more stories to report on. It is in a sad state that the MSM is letting personal issues come before reporting the facts.

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Obama Change.Gov

I guess, we can now change whatever we want, that is as long as we are Obama? This is un-real, yet it is real. Tell me agian, how is this guy going to help our Country? I have yet heard how, I hear a bunch of fairy tale stories coming out of his mouth and that is all. Now, we can change the rules to suit us. Interesting!?

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“At Least The Sun Is Out”

Today it has warmed up, it is a balmy 8 above zero! Mother nature loves to fool with us this time of year. She does have a sense of humor, I will give her that.

The sun is out, we have a fresh inch or so of new snow. The snow hangs to the pine trees, as to say, “let me make you beautiful, I will make you sparkle like a diamond.” The winter birds are singing to the sun, and warming in her rays. That is when mother nature plays her joke on us humans.

 We look outside, think what a perfect day for a winter walk, looking at all Gods glory. We open the door, the warm sun hits our face, a few more steps outside, “bam” the joke is played. The nose begins to run, eyes start to water, saying to our brain, ” hey stupid it is freezing out here!” With our heads hung low, as some how that is suppose to help keep the cold away. The walk gets faster, now only to the mail box is in our thoughts. By the time we turn around to come back into the house, we are now running. The sting of the cold air is hitting every inch of our face, mumbling to our self, about how cold it really is. We open the door as fast as we can, the birds I swear by now are laughing, the trees give a slight wave as we go inside.

“How was your walk,” asks your significant other. Not bad, at least the sun is out!

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Winter Weather Part 2

The cold artic air came through late last night, with it came wind and dangerous wind chills. The temp. was still dropping early this morning when I got up at 5:30. It was still above zero, not by much, but hey, above zero, is above zero. We did not then get above zero all day. 

The real danger is in the wind chills, and that is why we are still under a wind chill advisory till 3 am. Even then we can hit at times 20-30 below. Skin can get frost bit in 30 minutes if not covered.  The most common areas on the body are the ears, tip of the nose, and fingers and toes. 

As for snow, we did not get much at all in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The snow we did get was blown around by the wind, it was to light, and not a “good snow,” as we call it. We like the heavy wet snow that makes a good base for the winter sports. It helps to pack down the trails for our cross county and down hill skiers, and the snowmobile trails.

This type of weather is perfect for one winter sport, ice fishing. The cold weather helps get a nice solid ice, and lack of snow helps the lakes freeze up better, plus you do not have to fight the slush. As of Saturday we have a nice solid eight inches of ice. The walleye fishing is still good, and they are still bitting in the shallows, easy fishing the way I like it. That is if you are brave enough to go out in this cold weather with out an ice shanty, and this girl is not.

The highways do have a layer of thin ice. The weather is to cold for the salt to work. Driving slow is still a must. Taking a few extra minutes is all you have to do. We have the most automobile  accidents in the beginning of winter as people have to learn to drive again on ice and snow covered roads.

The snowmobile trails open tomorrow, we still need more snow for the trails to be in good riding condition. We still need to “THINK SNOW.”

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Winter Weather

The big arctic cold air front has yet to move through North Wisconsin. Never the less, the weather today was not pleasant. We had snow and rain for the most part of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, the weather out west is bad, and can be deadly.

We are and have been under a winter weather advisory all day. Mostly for the folks going out and driving when the roads with this type of weather can be snow covered, slippery, and slushy too. Our highway department has been out all day keeping the roads safe. This is another example of a “thankless job,” yet with out them, we would not be going no place fast during our winter months.

The highway department does allot more then just plow the roads and they employ a good number of people. They are out in the worst of weather, be it in the winter, or after a bad summer storm. Remember if you come across a plow truck, slow down, move over, they have to keep the center line of the highway clean from snow. If you are behind a plow truck, do not tail gate. They cannot see you if you are right on there tail. When it is safe, most guys will pull over and let you pass. And sometimes the winter weather is even to bad for the plow trucks to go out. If it gets to cold out, the salt they put on the roads will not work. If the wind is blowing to strong, blowing and drifting snow to fast on the roads, they will wait till it is safe to go out and start plowing the roads. These trucks are not four wheel drive.

Do not go out for a drive, just to see how bad it really is out there. Yes, a lot of folks do this. You put yourself in danger and others that need to be out on the roads. The most important advice, and it is not that hard to do, “slow down!” In a matter of a few minutes the roads can go from being just wet to glare ice. No place that you have to go is so important that you have to risk your life and the life of others. The police will give you a ticket in the winter for driving to fast for conditions. If we all use common sense we should be fine.

It is still warm outside this early evening here. We are above freezing still. The cold weather is coming soon though. We also are under a wind chill advisory starting at 3am, going to 3am on Tuesday. We are suppose to have wind chills down to 30 below zero! With strong winds us that live up here know our power can go out and many times they do go out. Let me tell you, it can get cold really fast in the house too. We get water ready, turn the heat up, and keep everything closed up. This will help if the power goes out in the winter.

These rain is not good for winter sports. The snowmobile trails are going to open this coming week. We like the snow up here, we need the snow up here. So I will end this post with what we folks that love winter sports and depend on winter sports to make a living: THINK SNOW!!

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Cold Start

We had a cold start to the day. Yes, winter is here! I woke up to 8 below zero this early morning. The folks like my husband that have to work outside in the cold sure have to bundle up warm with mornings like today.

The cold weather we have been having so far is great for the ice. And the ice fishing has been good so far this ice fishing season. The nice thing about early fishing, you do not have to fish in deep water. We fish for walleye, this time of the year you can catch walleye sometimes in only three feet of water. That was the case the other night when my husband caught a 27 inch walleye. 

I would say the ice is now around 6 inches deep. I am sure with the cold air last night it added some more good ice. The ice is not yet drivable, maybe for ATVs and snowmobiles. You still have to know the lake you are fishing, and know where there are springs, and running water. It really does not matter how much ice is on the lakes, in those spots it is never safe. This time of year is one of the best times to get out and go fishing if you can get out. This fishing is easy, and you do not have to go far out on the lake for walleye.

The sun is at least out today. It makes it seem much warmer then it is outside. I call it snot freezing cold. When you go outside, well, you can only guess. I will leave that thought up to the imagination.

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Local News

PLOWS ROLLING — Three inches of snow fell Sunday night and close to another two inches fell Monday night, sending out plows and graders. Here, the city’s public works department was clearing snow Monday afternoon.–Staff Photo By KURT KRUEGER

We still do not have allot of snow for this time of the year. I know I sound like a broken record as I have been saying that since the middle part of November.

Snowmobile trails will open next week. Our local grooming clubs have been busy getting the trails ready and safe for all riders. They have a thankless job, but this local rider sends a big, “Thank You,” out to every single one of them. The groomers do not start grooming the trails till night fall for the most part. Night time is the safest for the groomers as it is also safer for us riders.  Normally they do not get done till 3:00, 4:00 AM! They also have to make sure the signs are in order, and replace ones that are damage, or like I have seen, people think it is funny to steal the signs that help save lives, injury and keep the trails safe for all.

“A 43% drop in the buck harvest in Vilas and Oneida counties .”

To this and I am sure most hunters will agree with me, we only have one word, “DUH.” We hear the normal reasons the D.N.R. are saying, hard winters, and missing the rut. I am sure too most agree with me when we say what “hard winter?”

“The biggest part of this decline, in my mind, is due to the fact that the deer weren’t there,” said Eckstein.
Really, do you think? And could you please tell me why that is? Maybe it is the fact that for the past years, way to many permits where issued? How about all the feeding of the deer? Go to any place we have a concentration of houses and you will find deer feeders with a over abundance of deer. More important as was pointed out in our local paper, we have more bears, coyotes and wolf, in this area then most can remember in a life time.

Given the fact that we have so many bears for one, I find it strange it still can take ten years to get a bear hunting permit. I do not fed the birds, nor do I put out corn for the deer. Yet at least once if not twice a week in the warmer months this year, I see bear in my yard, in my area. I live on a road where there is not many houses and people no longer have food out for the birds. To blame others for the rise in the bear population in my neck of the woods, does not fly with me.

We need better population control all around, more then just the deer heard. What will it take to get the bear population under control? The bear have all ready gone after smaller dogs, and have all ready killed and injured many pets.

I could never put it in better words then our local outdoor writer, Kurt Krueger, with the drop in the hunt this season,”A lot of the whining is for good reason, especially from hunters who saw this crash in the deer herd coming a couple of years ago, but couldn’t get the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to listen to reason.” And this is the problem, the DNR do not listen to the ones who spend time outdoors!

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