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I cannot believe it is all ready December! Only a few short weeks left till Christmas, and the start of a new year. The summer as always went way to fast. We did not have a hot summer, nor a cold one, but just right this year. Fall always seems to go the fastest of the seasons, and I do love fall, my favorit time of the year. Spring comes in a close second to fall. I love the smell of spring, I love to hear the summer birds returning from their warm winter away.

This winter we yet have a lot of snow on the ground. The last few years Madison, the south part of the state has got all the snow.  This summer they got all the rain, and way more then they could handle, with lots of flooding. While we up north are in a drought. Our lakes are the lowest I can remember in the 30 some years of life. We depend on getting snow to help bring up our lake levels, and keep them at a good level too. With cold weather, no snow, our lakes get to much ice, and we then get what is called, ” winter kill.” To much ice and not enough oxygen getting into the lakes. The fish go belly up and costs us a good summer of fishing. As I have been saying, the weather can makes us or brake us. There are so many factors with the weather, those small things like winter kill from having cold weather and no snow.

As many store signs and bullenten boards have posted I will repet here, ” THINK


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