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In early November, polls indicated that nearly half the public supported federal assistance to the big automakers when this issue first came before Congress.

But evidence in surveys from other organizations suggests that the poor performance by executives from GM, Ford and Chrysler at congressional hearings, and the admission that they had taken private jets to get there, resulted in a steep drop in support for government assistance to automakers…

Opposition to the bailout of the auto industry is widespread across the country, even the Midwest, where the domestic automakers have their headquarters and many of their assembly plants.

The poll indicates that most opposition to the bailout comes from the West, where opposition reaches 67 percent. Sixty-one percent of those polled in the Northeast, 64 percent in the South and 53 percent in the Midwest oppose using federal dollars to help the automakers.

Why should we bail out the 3 big auto makers? They are so out of touch with their fellow Americans, the blue collar workers, and I think just about every person.

Do they have any idea what there actions are now causing a good part of the American people to go through? This bail out seems like a “damned if we do, damned if we dont. Pick either one and we are going to pay for it.


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