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PLOWS ROLLING — Three inches of snow fell Sunday night and close to another two inches fell Monday night, sending out plows and graders. Here, the city’s public works department was clearing snow Monday afternoon.–Staff Photo By KURT KRUEGER

We still do not have allot of snow for this time of the year. I know I sound like a broken record as I have been saying that since the middle part of November.

Snowmobile trails will open next week. Our local grooming clubs have been busy getting the trails ready and safe for all riders. They have a thankless job, but this local rider sends a big, “Thank You,” out to every single one of them. The groomers do not start grooming the trails till night fall for the most part. Night time is the safest for the groomers as it is also safer for us riders.  Normally they do not get done till 3:00, 4:00 AM! They also have to make sure the signs are in order, and replace ones that are damage, or like I have seen, people think it is funny to steal the signs that help save lives, injury and keep the trails safe for all.

“A 43% drop in the buck harvest in Vilas and Oneida counties .”

To this and I am sure most hunters will agree with me, we only have one word, “DUH.” We hear the normal reasons the D.N.R. are saying, hard winters, and missing the rut. I am sure too most agree with me when we say what “hard winter?”

“The biggest part of this decline, in my mind, is due to the fact that the deer weren’t there,” said Eckstein.
Really, do you think? And could you please tell me why that is? Maybe it is the fact that for the past years, way to many permits where issued? How about all the feeding of the deer? Go to any place we have a concentration of houses and you will find deer feeders with a over abundance of deer. More important as was pointed out in our local paper, we have more bears, coyotes and wolf, in this area then most can remember in a life time.

Given the fact that we have so many bears for one, I find it strange it still can take ten years to get a bear hunting permit. I do not fed the birds, nor do I put out corn for the deer. Yet at least once if not twice a week in the warmer months this year, I see bear in my yard, in my area. I live on a road where there is not many houses and people no longer have food out for the birds. To blame others for the rise in the bear population in my neck of the woods, does not fly with me.

We need better population control all around, more then just the deer heard. What will it take to get the bear population under control? The bear have all ready gone after smaller dogs, and have all ready killed and injured many pets.

I could never put it in better words then our local outdoor writer, Kurt Krueger, with the drop in the hunt this season,”A lot of the whining is for good reason, especially from hunters who saw this crash in the deer herd coming a couple of years ago, but couldn’t get the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to listen to reason.” And this is the problem, the DNR do not listen to the ones who spend time outdoors!


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