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Cold Start

We had a cold start to the day. Yes, winter is here! I woke up to 8 below zero this early morning. The folks like my husband that have to work outside in the cold sure have to bundle up warm with mornings like today.

The cold weather we have been having so far is great for the ice. And the ice fishing has been good so far this ice fishing season. The nice thing about early fishing, you do not have to fish in deep water. We fish for walleye, this time of the year you can catch walleye sometimes in only three feet of water. That was the case the other night when my husband caught a 27 inch walleye. 

I would say the ice is now around 6 inches deep. I am sure with the cold air last night it added some more good ice. The ice is not yet drivable, maybe for ATVs and snowmobiles. You still have to know the lake you are fishing, and know where there are springs, and running water. It really does not matter how much ice is on the lakes, in those spots it is never safe. This time of year is one of the best times to get out and go fishing if you can get out. This fishing is easy, and you do not have to go far out on the lake for walleye.

The sun is at least out today. It makes it seem much warmer then it is outside. I call it snot freezing cold. When you go outside, well, you can only guess. I will leave that thought up to the imagination.


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