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Winter Weather

The big arctic cold air front has yet to move through North Wisconsin. Never the less, the weather today was not pleasant. We had snow and rain for the most part of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, the weather out west is bad, and can be deadly.

We are and have been under a winter weather advisory all day. Mostly for the folks going out and driving when the roads with this type of weather can be snow covered, slippery, and slushy too. Our highway department has been out all day keeping the roads safe. This is another example of a “thankless job,” yet with out them, we would not be going no place fast during our winter months.

The highway department does allot more then just plow the roads and they employ a good number of people. They are out in the worst of weather, be it in the winter, or after a bad summer storm. Remember if you come across a plow truck, slow down, move over, they have to keep the center line of the highway clean from snow. If you are behind a plow truck, do not tail gate. They cannot see you if you are right on there tail. When it is safe, most guys will pull over and let you pass. And sometimes the winter weather is even to bad for the plow trucks to go out. If it gets to cold out, the salt they put on the roads will not work. If the wind is blowing to strong, blowing and drifting snow to fast on the roads, they will wait till it is safe to go out and start plowing the roads. These trucks are not four wheel drive.

Do not go out for a drive, just to see how bad it really is out there. Yes, a lot of folks do this. You put yourself in danger and others that need to be out on the roads. The most important advice, and it is not that hard to do, “slow down!” In a matter of a few minutes the roads can go from being just wet to glare ice. No place that you have to go is so important that you have to risk your life and the life of others. The police will give you a ticket in the winter for driving to fast for conditions. If we all use common sense we should be fine.

It is still warm outside this early evening here. We are above freezing still. The cold weather is coming soon though. We also are under a wind chill advisory starting at 3am, going to 3am on Tuesday. We are suppose to have wind chills down to 30 below zero! With strong winds us that live up here know our power can go out and many times they do go out. Let me tell you, it can get cold really fast in the house too. We get water ready, turn the heat up, and keep everything closed up. This will help if the power goes out in the winter.

These rain is not good for winter sports. The snowmobile trails are going to open this coming week. We like the snow up here, we need the snow up here. So I will end this post with what we folks that love winter sports and depend on winter sports to make a living: THINK SNOW!!


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