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Winter Weather Part 2

The cold artic air came through late last night, with it came wind and dangerous wind chills. The temp. was still dropping early this morning when I got up at 5:30. It was still above zero, not by much, but hey, above zero, is above zero. We did not then get above zero all day. 

The real danger is in the wind chills, and that is why we are still under a wind chill advisory till 3 am. Even then we can hit at times 20-30 below. Skin can get frost bit in 30 minutes if not covered.  The most common areas on the body are the ears, tip of the nose, and fingers and toes. 

As for snow, we did not get much at all in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The snow we did get was blown around by the wind, it was to light, and not a “good snow,” as we call it. We like the heavy wet snow that makes a good base for the winter sports. It helps to pack down the trails for our cross county and down hill skiers, and the snowmobile trails.

This type of weather is perfect for one winter sport, ice fishing. The cold weather helps get a nice solid ice, and lack of snow helps the lakes freeze up better, plus you do not have to fight the slush. As of Saturday we have a nice solid eight inches of ice. The walleye fishing is still good, and they are still bitting in the shallows, easy fishing the way I like it. That is if you are brave enough to go out in this cold weather with out an ice shanty, and this girl is not.

The highways do have a layer of thin ice. The weather is to cold for the salt to work. Driving slow is still a must. Taking a few extra minutes is all you have to do. We have the most automobile  accidents in the beginning of winter as people have to learn to drive again on ice and snow covered roads.

The snowmobile trails open tomorrow, we still need more snow for the trails to be in good riding condition. We still need to “THINK SNOW.”


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