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“At Least The Sun Is Out”

Today it has warmed up, it is a balmy 8 above zero! Mother nature loves to fool with us this time of year. She does have a sense of humor, I will give her that.

The sun is out, we have a fresh inch or so of new snow. The snow hangs to the pine trees, as to say, “let me make you beautiful, I will make you sparkle like a diamond.” The winter birds are singing to the sun, and warming in her rays. That is when mother nature plays her joke on us humans.

 We look outside, think what a perfect day for a winter walk, looking at all Gods glory. We open the door, the warm sun hits our face, a few more steps outside, “bam” the joke is played. The nose begins to run, eyes start to water, saying to our brain, ” hey stupid it is freezing out here!” With our heads hung low, as some how that is suppose to help keep the cold away. The walk gets faster, now only to the mail box is in our thoughts. By the time we turn around to come back into the house, we are now running. The sting of the cold air is hitting every inch of our face, mumbling to our self, about how cold it really is. We open the door as fast as we can, the birds I swear by now are laughing, the trees give a slight wave as we go inside.

“How was your walk,” asks your significant other. Not bad, at least the sun is out!


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