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Main Stream Media 

This is why I do so love Hotair.( And these are the kind of stories why I so do hate the MSM.(main stream media)

So we have an in-law who was in trouble by the law with illegal drugs. We now will have a president who talked to, who knew a terrorist. This is a well known fact to those of us who do not rely on getting our news from the MSM. See, folks from MSNBC only will report on the facts as they like or they see fit. They are not fair, they do not report the full facts. Yes I know it is also not fair of me to only go after MSNBC but they as I see it are the worse. The other ones are not to far behind.

My gosh, this is an in-law! We do not get to choose who our in-laws are. This is a private family affair if you ask me. Why would such a story even make “headline news?” Not only that, but to make fun of such things is sick! I guess what I find important and what the MSM thinks is important is two majorly different things. I guess the economy in the tank, billions of dollars being lost and spent. People that no longer have a house this Christmas to call a home. Folks that lost jobs at no fault of their own. The lack of help available to our young men and woman coming home from war. There are so many, many, more stories to report on. It is in a sad state that the MSM is letting personal issues come before reporting the facts.


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