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This Weeks Winter Weather

Down state Wisconsin is still getting more snow fall then we are up north. But, some good news, our snow is starting to add up. We are getting help from lake affect snow, and 3-4 inches of snow falling for the last few days. Those little snow falls each day has added up to finally a nice amount of snow. Not that we do not need more, we still do.

The snowmobile trails should be in “good” condition. I will be going out riding tonight for the first time this year. I have talked to a few locals on Sunday, that have been out. We had some bad ruts still, and bumpy spots. The snow that has feel Saturday and this week all ready should extremely help our snowmobile trails. We cannot forget about our “silent sports” this snow will also help out the ski trails and snow shoeing too.

Ice fishing has been hit and miss the last few days and this past weekend. The walleyes are starting to move in deeper waters. My husband caught one small walleye in 15 feet of water. The ice on the lakes are at a foot plus. My brother was the first to drive out on our favorit winter lake. No, not something I would advise doing if you do not know the lake well. Check at our local bait stores for information on ice conditions. Our local paper has all the fishing information in the outdoor section.

Our highways are not bare right now. The weather for awhile now has been to cold for the salt to work well. The back roads are mostly ice covered and very slippery. As of this morning we are still using sand on the highways to help. I cannot stress the importance of slowing down! When you are coming to a stop, start slowing down way in advance. Four wheel drive will not help on ice. If you loss control going 55mph, and are in four wheel drive, you are less likely to recover. Slow down even if you have 4 wheel drive! You still cannot go as fast as you do on bare pavement!

The weather service is calling for freezing rain starting on Friday. If this does hold true we are not in a good way at all. We will then have layers of ice, snow, more ice, then again snow. Keep track on the weather and on the roads. This time of year is a good time before leaving to check out this site, “Winter Road Conditions.” As I look today, not one place in the state of Wisconsin is in good driving condition. It is winter, it is time for us all to slow down.


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