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Vacation Time Is Over

With my Christmas season done for this year, I can now get back to posting.

I took this season off from my computer because my dear husband had his Christmas vacation. With being just my husband and I with no children, we take this time to be together, be with our families and friends.

I am the computer geek in the house. My dear husband can turn on my laptop and play a few games, and that is about it. When I go on the computer, I can be on it for hours and not even notice. And if I get into researching something, forget it, nothing much can take me away.

We did have a wonderful Christmas. A few where sick in the family with that cold/flu going around up here. Christmas day was nice, peaceful, darn near perfect!

The weather on the other hand was bad for us in the north woods for a few day. We warmed up into the upper 40s and had rain, and mist for two days in a row. Taking with it a lot of our snow that was just starting to add up. The lakes became slush, all the trails where very sloppy. Now, still without snow to help, at least the weather is cooling down. The slush on the lakes should start to freeze, and now at least the snowmobile trails will have a good base. The trails are very icy right now, I will take icy over bare.

I have been going through news with-drawls the last few days. Yes, I know, I am strange! With only the MSM on the T.V. and not being able to check out my news websites, blogs, and the like, it was so hard!

My first stop on the computer this early evening was to my blog, now I am off to my websites.



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