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The Weekend Up North

The last day of January! It is a perfect day to the end of the first month of the new year.

We woke up with a beutiful frost that clung to all the ever green trees. It was truly a winter wonder land this morning and through out the day today.

We finally broke the long cold spell today.  We up north did not get above freezing today, but still headlines are the same all down south. 

954 AM CST SAT JAN 31 2009






              DAYS IN A ROW             DATE OF
  1               52            DEC 30 1978  TO  FEB 21 1979
  2               47            DEC 24 1917  TO  FEB 10 1918
                  47            DEC 31 1911  TO  FEB 17 1912
  4               46            JAN  7 1977  TO  FEB 23 1978
  5               40            DEC 18 1969  TO  JAN 28 1970

  6               39            JAN 14 1936  TO  FEB 23 1936
  7               38            JAN 19 1904  TO  FEB 27 1904

Like I have been saying, this winter season for cold temps. is one we will not soon forget. It was a slow start in terms of snowfall, and we are below normal for snowfall. But the cold temps. have kept the snow we do get from melting. We cannot have it all, nor the perfect winter weather every year, as much as we would like too.

This weekend also looks to be good for our local businesses. With a lot of snowmobiles out, and talking to a local bait store owner, the ice fishing is starting to pick up now. With our ice conditions at there best, people are having no problems getting on the lakes. Last night my hubby measured the ice, about 30-32 inches of ice.

We did not yet get our annual “winter thaw” yet this season. At least once during the winter we get warm weather, and a major thaw. I remember one year in February, most of the snow melted and we where flying kites, in tee shirts! Oh what one will do up here for entertainment in the long, cold, and dark winter months. Those are extreme thaws, and not welcomed by people who depend on snow. And on folks like my husband and I who wait all summer for snowmobiling and ice fishing.

I do know the folks down south in Wisconsin are happy with the weather today. Not only did they have record cold this year, they also had all the record snow to contend with too. That can take such a major toll in many ways on the towns and the cities.

We still have more winter to come up here in the North Woods of Wisconsin. And right now, what a perfect time to come and play in the snow!


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Obama or Rush

“Every Republican voted with Limbaugh — and against creating 4 million new American jobs.”

“Politico has learned that tomorrow Americans United for Change, a liberal group, will begin airing radio ads in three states Obama won — Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada — with a tough question aimed at the GOP senators there: Will you side with Obama or Rush Limbaugh”

Again more childish playing, “my team is better then your team.” The big difference is not jumping off a bridge because everyone else is doing it. It is having a thought, a mind of our own. Looking at the facts and being able to do simple grade school math, and reading history books that have shown how government spending works.

I do not play sides. Come on, again so many words with nothing being spoken. I only want what is best for our country as a whole.

Remember that say, ” if it sounds to good to be true?”

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The House Vote On Stimulus

The house passed the stimulus package.  244-188 votes

No republicans did vote yes, and 10 dems did vote no. I am glad that they did not get the republican vote.

I have that sick feeling in the pit of my gut, this will pass and we will be majorly screwed. As I heard today on Glenn Beck, this is not a “stimulus package”, it is a “spending package.”

The stimulus will add 9,000 in debt to each and every household!

We cannot forget the 347 BILLION we will have to pay in interest for this bill.

The stimulus package is going to cost us, it is not going to help us. It is about government spending our money. When has government spending helped us? In what past history has government spending helped?

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More Gloom and Doom From MSM

Without the big stimulus package this is what will happen. People will kill their families, kill others, we will all freeze, all road accidents are the fault of the roads.

This is what MSM wants us to think, and what those who want the stimulus package passed. We cannot forgot, what Obama wants, the MSM will make sure he gets.

In my small town we have a law. The power company cannot turn off your power in the winter months. We have budget payments for everyone, not just low income folks, it is available to each of us.

The MSM forgot to tell us “the man who tragically killed his family did not lose his job because of cost-cutting or anything related to the economy, but after being investigated for possible fraud.”

We live in a time that nothing is our fault. We can always find others, or even things to blame our faults on. It is time for each and every one of us to take responsibility for our actions. We sue others if we do not like an outcome from our actions. We depend on the gov. to fix all our problems that we have also caused.

We now have to pay for others problems because they did not handle their money right. Not only will we have to but generations to follow will still be paying for the many mistakes.

This stimulus is not for you, nor  is it for me, but it is for our government. While they make more laws, more money will be spent from this package. They will then be able to control the private sector, and welcome socialism in. They want to reshape the economy, this is not going to stimulate the economy. Big corporations should fail it is that simple. It is not up to you and me to pay them.


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This and thats

Today I thought before I started posting on the news, I would just write about other going ons.

The weather is still cold up here in the great north woods of Wisconsin. This morning we woke up to 17 below zero. I no longer remember how many nights in a row we have been below zero. And how many of those nights with the wind chill dropping to 35-40 below zero. I do love winter, but this cold blows big time!

We have been getting some lake affect snow, our snow total is finally going up. It is now darn near perfect for all outdoor winter sports. I have no complaints there!

More good news, we are now just starting to see more folks coming up here to enjoy all the winter sports. We have so much going on this time of the year. We have a few big ice fishing tournamentscoming up, and those are always so much fun. The ice is perfect right now too.  I noticed last weekend a big jump on the amount of folks out on the trails. I seen alot of trailers parked at local hotels. That is more then good news, that is great news!

Talking with local business owners on Monday, they said it was a busy weekend. And hope it keeps up now till the end of winter. Alot of families where up too, something we have not seen in awhile.


I was thinking of starting something new. Giving a “shout out” to our local businesses. We have so many great folks up here that offer so much. We still have many ” mom and pop” stores too. I think it would be fun.

One other thing on my mind today, or for the last few days. Yeah, those little thoughts that pop in and out.

I hope I finally found the Theme that I like for my blog. I have been changing it for the last week or so. I dislike doing that, but I want one that I like. Gets me more in the mood to write. And boy, I could always us help on that.

I really love to write, and now that I have just started to blog, I am finding it to be so much fun. I do have tons still I need to improve on. To become a good writer you have to start some place. Yes, I have been writing since I can remember, in my own notebooks. There is a big difference to go from a notebook to being good, and writing what people want to read. I am by no means one of those people who was born a good writer. OH, far, far, from it. I have learned to do many things in my life. I know if I work at it, do it often, I can do it.  As for now, still learning and loving every second of it.

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ACORN Getting Stimulus Money

Incredibly, the Democrats’ bill makes groups like ACORN eligible for a $4.19 billion pot of money for “neighborhood stabilization activities.”

 Now House Democrats are taking the unprecedented step of making ACORN and other groups eligible for these funds:

I do not understand how the Rep. could let this happen? ACORN might get money. Do I think ACORN will get this horrid amount of money, yes, sadly I do.

It might be fraud is the only way a Dem got into office? This is sickening.

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Bail Out Money Flew Out The Window

Citigroup decided to get its new wings two years ago, when the financial-services giant was flush with cash, but it still intends to take possession of the jet this year despite its current woes, the source said.

“Why should I help you when what you write will be used to the detriment of our company?” replied Bill McNamee, head of CitiFlight Inc., the subsidiary that manages Citigroup’s corporate fleet, when asked to comment about the new 7X.

“What relevance does it have but to hurt my company?”

It’s not uncommon for large companies to pay a deposit on a new plane then cancel the order before delivery, according to a source in the corporate aviation business.

Citigroup execs are also quietly

I understand Citigroup set out two years ago to buy the jet. The right thing to do now is to cancel the jet. These reports we are hearing about, and I am sure many more we are not hearing about is why the bail out did not work, nor will work.

We need and should be outraged, this is abuse of our money, we are paying for this jet!

While citigroup is will be flying pretty with our money, they will be cutting some 50,000 jobs!

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I WON, and MSM

During a morning meeting with congressional leaders from both parties, President Obama acknowledged the philosophical differences between his stimulus package and the Republican plan – but, sources familiar with the conversation said, Obama then noted: “I won.”…

But perhaps taking a cue from Obama’s “I won” line when Democrats were asked if they were concerned about Republicans blocking the package, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a swift one-word answer: “No.”

Vintage O: Always willing to hear the other side out, never willing to actually vote with them.

As I logged on to read, what I think is the best website out there for something the MSM does not know how to do, is to report on the ugly truth about who they (MSM) got electing into office. I cannot help to be in disbelief again, shaking my head, saying to myself, how can this guy be any more ignorant? How can the MSM be so damn blind to the truth, to reporting the facts?

Hey did you know Obama won? Really because I was wondering. His face is only plastered on coins, vandalizing our flag with an image of his smug face on it, trading cards, posters, and so, so, so, many more places.

Before any many more smart people come to their senses, Obama will hurry to get this, or is it his, stimulus package passed. I think most people knew this great spending spree we where on was not going to last forever. Being in the construction business, we know the great building boom would come to an end.

The MSM is putting fear into our hearts, playing with our heads too. They keep telling us the world will end if we do not get this package passed. How much of this currant problem is the MSM partly to blame? What if they would stop the doom and gloom reporting for a few days? The MSM can report a lie, ruin ones life, they are not held responsible for their actions. We have seen how far they are willing to go, now tell me, how much farther will they take it?

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A Must Read?

“Just in case you can’t get through a day without some refreshing and uplifting words from the new president, the History Company has created the “Pocket Obama.”

This is a tiny, pocket-sized book filled with “quotations borrowed from Barack Obama’s speeches and writings.”

According to its creators, “It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times.”

Wake up people! It will be a very cold day in HELL before anyone requires me to read this little cult book! And a cold day in HELL before anyone requires me to read anything I do not want to!

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Obama, Dont Listen To Rush

The first in Obamas telling his cult who they should listen to, and who they should not. I am sure there will be more to come. You know, we should not have a mind or our own, no, the great Obama says so.

I wonder if he is in Amway? Sounds like what they tell people.

The government is now going to own all in the private sector. We are going to give banks money. We have someone that is going to run the IRS that cannot do his own taxes and owed over thirty thousand dollars. Yeah, this is “change.” And cannot forget, lets close Gitmo, and set them free, or have those in our back yard. Great change, great change.

Now the only hope and change I will count on, we only have four years of this man that does not like freedom!

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