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Here in Wisconsin there has been a flu going around and a bad cold. People like my father in law, got both, first the flu, then the cold. The last few days it started going around my little house. My dear husband and I went out snowmobiling Friday night. Early Saturday morning he was up in the bathroom, my turn was yesterday afternoon. The trails are not that good anyway, so not missing much winter sports right now. I guess, you can call that the plus side of being sick?

We again missed out on the winter weather this weekend. It was cold below freezing yet we had freezing rain and drizzle last night. We need a nice freshsnow fall badly. On Friday when we went out, the trails are very bumpy in spots, with icy corners, and spots of snow/dirt. The trials are ride-able farther north, the better the trails are going to be. Also, the trails with the less traffic the better too. You can still have an enjoyable ride in Eagle River, it might be a bit more bumpy, but if you can go slow the trip will be well worth it.

Our groomers are doing a great job keeping the trails as ride-able as they can. Give them a wave if you see them on the trails with a thank you! 

As I have been asking all winter,



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