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MSM Sneering

I love this! Michelle Malkin is such a great hope for folks like me, who have been brain washed by the MSM for years! I really love what she says here:

” over Joe Wurzelbacher’s trip to Israel sponsored by PJTV, recounts how The Fraternal Order of the Professional Journalist has squandered its own credibility, and exposes how liberal media elites have attempted to shut out conservatives from membership in the journalism club by redefining their craft based on ideological content.”

There is also a story on her site about a CNN cover up broadcast of suspicious Gaza footage. That surfaced where else but in the blogosphere.

And her, Who’s afraid of Joe the Journalist? But hey, I guess Kathy Griffin on CNNs New Years Eve show is please tell me, how “better?” The big difference is Joe has a heart and has not been brain washed by the MSM. The MSM has lost its heart, lost the fact they need and should be help accountable for their reporting.


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