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The word for today COLD. As I write this it is a little after one in the afternoon, with a temp. of 5 below zero! But hey, at least the sun is out. As if that makes a big difference with wind chills around 50 below zero.

The schools up here where canceled last night, and most folks like my dear hubby who work outside in this cold are home. Well, OK, not home, but out snowmobiling. Yeah, I know, snowmobiling, but the sun is out.

The cool part of being so cold is all the cool things you can do. Like blowing bubbles outside and watching them freeze. Much “funner” then taking boiling water and throwing that up in the air!

The trails are in awesome condition, as are all winter sports. We have a perfect base of snow now. Still, corners are icy and big time caution needs to be taken.

Our small town is getting ready for the big Derby this weekend. We will have thousands of snowmobiles up this coming weekend. And yes, I will be one of them, we are going out with a big group of great folks on Saturday. If we have no brake downs it should be a blast.


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