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The Today Show, Thongs, Obama

And folks this is the reason why I do not have local channels on in my house no longer. There was a time not to long ago, I would wake up, get my coffee and turn on NBCs Today Show. Not so no more!

 On “Today,” host Hoda Kotb held up the latest in Obama thongs. (Kotb and co-host Kathie Lee Gifford giggled at the “Momma Got Hope” logo on the front of one thong.)

I am sorry, this makes me want to puke! But really, what more can we expect with the great reporter Kathie Lee Gifford? What the heck is this fourth hour of the Today Show about any way? Please someone tell me. I see no propose to it at all, only to have more show time for the great MSM trying to brain wash the country to their thought of a one minded, zombie thinking people.

And one cannot forget all the reporting time the MSM gave to Bush. But hey, Obama and thongs, now there is a real story.


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