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Good Luck To Our New President

Today I watched Fox News, I watched as we said good bye to Bush, and hello to our new president, Obama. I did not vote for Obama. I am mad at the way the media played favorites, I am disheartened at the way others treated the Rep. running for office, which was shown no class.

Today as I watched, and I know of many others who would not watch Obama taking office. I seen all those millions of people, millions of people, together! If nothing else, for today, I seen people of all different races together. Being of Native American, I guess I can say this from that point of view. If for only a day, if I can find the good thing to say, seeing two million people together, my heart softened.

Obama has promised allot, he is now my president in mine and our America. Maybe today we have seen that we can come together as one. Now we need, together as one, hold Obama and the new administration up to these promises.

No matter race, money, where we came from, what our job is, single, married, it is up to us the people. Like me who did not vote for Obama, like it or not he is our president. The county is now in the hands of a different office. Scary times, yes. We now have to hold Obama accountable for all his actions. Not get caught up in all the MSM hype, in the fairy tale world thinking, and blaming all others for faults.


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