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Grow UP: Part Two

“Doubtless many of the same turds heard chanting here spent the past four years assuring people that Bush would cancel the election and declare martial law to install himself as supreme leader.”

Calling these people “turds” is really to damn nice! Why may I ask would MSNBC even give those “turds” the sick attention they want? What good use of reporting is this? Really!

Such class and grace coming from both the turds and the MSM, no not at all. I can only hope we who did not vote for Obama, are more grown up and act like adults. I am sure these are some of the same folks who had those nice tee shirts about Palin. OH, since the MSM did not report on that, not many know now do they. Now they are really classy!

We can only hope they will look like the fools that they are. Remember nothing is no fault of their own, we are all suppose to pander to their needs. And I bet they are the ones that are waiting for others to spread the wealth around.


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