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The Flag of the United States

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT the flag we pledge allegiance too!

How would our service men and woman like to see the flag displayed in such a way? OK, you like or love Obama, fine. But please, please, do not put his face on our flag. This is not the way to respect our flag. Could they not find a simple piece of paper?

As I have been reading different websites and what others are posting, be it the comment about being “white” or whatever else others did not like. This is the action that I dislike the most.

I love my country no matter who is the president, I will fight for my country and what is right. I come from a long line of men that served this country, and that right now are serving. To me, this kind of display is a slap on the face! And shame of you, those that made those flags!


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