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I think I am on an overload, head exploding, news intoxication. After yesterday and this morning with nothing but news on TV, looking at news on websites, I am burned out. And I am a major news junky too. What is happening to me? I never thought I would be feeling this way.

Now everything is sounding the same, I am dreaming about news, hell I think I started to sound like a warning to the dreaded music that comes on right before a big news alart.

I even forgot I had a laptop and was steaming behind my half fake smile, while my hubby was on what I thought at the time was the only computer in the house.


Today we are going snowmobiling, hit the trails, get some much needed fresh air. We have been getting such much needed snow since Saturday. The trails are in the best condition they have been all winter season.

We are preparing for anouther winter cold artic air mass coming in on Friday. You know, just in time for the weekend when we get people up here for snowmobiling. With freezing rain and drizzle thrown in, to make it a real good mixer.

Now I must go, go out to enjoy the beauty of living.


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