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After a much needed computer and news vacation I am back on line, and getting my news fixes. Everything with the election is now over, we have a new president in the office.  Not the one I voted for, hell not even close to who needs to be the leader of this wonderful free county. No, just a guy who cares more about public approval ratings and bending over backwards to keep all his cult following worshiping him.

We had a wonderful snowmobile ride Wed. We like to go into small restaurants to give them our business. Even if it is just buying a soda and something warn to drink, hot coffee, hot coco. I like to talk to the owners and the workers, most of the summer help is now laid off, with the owners trying to hold on this winter to hire all employees back. Up here, it is un heard of for an owner not to work the winter seasons. They just cannot afford to have others working for them 40 hours a week. This is when I hear the “we will see what Obama can do.” How is he going to help these us, the small work force?

My husband who has been in the construction business for twenty plus years now, we are beginning to really feel the hurt. This winter has been slow at the best. We started to see this coming a few years back now already. We have no one working a full week this winter. Even this summer only a few of guys did get their forty in. We are seeing it in the constructing business my husband is in, guys are traveling way down south for work this winter. When I say down south, not in Wisconsin, try Texas!

We do what it take up north, to pay our bills, put food on the table, to survive. We have our hard times, and yes, we do have great times. The question is, how long can we last, how long will these hard times go on? Obama talks like he is going to save us all. These small business owners never, nor will they take a hand out. We do not wait for the government to help us, we help ourselves. What we need is for others to get their jobs back, we depended on these people who come up here on vacation to enjoy all the wonders we have to offer them. At that time, we will be fine.


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