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Today I thought before I started posting on the news, I would just write about other going ons.

The weather is still cold up here in the great north woods of Wisconsin. This morning we woke up to 17 below zero. I no longer remember how many nights in a row we have been below zero. And how many of those nights with the wind chill dropping to 35-40 below zero. I do love winter, but this cold blows big time!

We have been getting some lake affect snow, our snow total is finally going up. It is now darn near perfect for all outdoor winter sports. I have no complaints there!

More good news, we are now just starting to see more folks coming up here to enjoy all the winter sports. We have so much going on this time of the year. We have a few big ice fishing tournamentscoming up, and those are always so much fun. The ice is perfect right now too.  I noticed last weekend a big jump on the amount of folks out on the trails. I seen alot of trailers parked at local hotels. That is more then good news, that is great news!

Talking with local business owners on Monday, they said it was a busy weekend. And hope it keeps up now till the end of winter. Alot of families where up too, something we have not seen in awhile.


I was thinking of starting something new. Giving a “shout out” to our local businesses. We have so many great folks up here that offer so much. We still have many ” mom and pop” stores too. I think it would be fun.

One other thing on my mind today, or for the last few days. Yeah, those little thoughts that pop in and out.

I hope I finally found the Theme that I like for my blog. I have been changing it for the last week or so. I dislike doing that, but I want one that I like. Gets me more in the mood to write. And boy, I could always us help on that.

I really love to write, and now that I have just started to blog, I am finding it to be so much fun. I do have tons still I need to improve on. To become a good writer you have to start some place. Yes, I have been writing since I can remember, in my own notebooks. There is a big difference to go from a notebook to being good, and writing what people want to read. I am by no means one of those people who was born a good writer. OH, far, far, from it. I have learned to do many things in my life. I know if I work at it, do it often, I can do it.  As for now, still learning and loving every second of it.


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