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More Gloom and Doom From MSM

Without the big stimulus package this is what will happen. People will kill their families, kill others, we will all freeze, all road accidents are the fault of the roads.

This is what MSM wants us to think, and what those who want the stimulus package passed. We cannot forgot, what Obama wants, the MSM will make sure he gets.

In my small town we have a law. The power company cannot turn off your power in the winter months. We have budget payments for everyone, not just low income folks, it is available to each of us.

The MSM forgot to tell us “the man who tragically killed his family did not lose his job because of cost-cutting or anything related to the economy, but after being investigated for possible fraud.”

We live in a time that nothing is our fault. We can always find others, or even things to blame our faults on. It is time for each and every one of us to take responsibility for our actions. We sue others if we do not like an outcome from our actions. We depend on the gov. to fix all our problems that we have also caused.

We now have to pay for others problems because they did not handle their money right. Not only will we have to but generations to follow will still be paying for the many mistakes.

This stimulus is not for you, nor  is it for me, but it is for our government. While they make more laws, more money will be spent from this package. They will then be able to control the private sector, and welcome socialism in. They want to reshape the economy, this is not going to stimulate the economy. Big corporations should fail it is that simple. It is not up to you and me to pay them.



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