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I have been away from my computer, and away from my news again. This time not because I was in a news overload and disgusted with every aspect of what was and is going on.

My only sibling, my younger brother and his wife are expecting twin boys any day now. My sister-in-law is on bed rest.  Any my brother is waiting surgery. Life keeps going and babies do not want to wait for their due date, nor my brothers surgery.

Mom and babies are both doing great! Mom will be having a c-section as one of the boys are breach and he thinks it is time to come into the world right now. She is only a few short weeks from her due date and the doctors want to keep those boys cooking as long as everyone is healthy.

I am blessed that my brother and sister-in-law only live a mile down the road. And my husband and I being not able to have children are on cloud nine right now! We also have most of our family in our small towns around the area.

I have been recording the news and watching it late at night. I have been taking notes in one of my many “news notebooks.” DVRs ROCK! I still need my news fixes.

This weekend my better half will be fishing and you can bet I will be back posting about all the new, news that has arose this past week.  All I have to say right now, WOW.  This is “going to be a bumpy ride,” to boring that quote from a dear friend of mine. That is saying it mildly right now.


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