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Miss USA Pageant

First, I tried to stop posting about the news. I was getting mad and tired about how the MSM was reporting to only suit there needs and wants. After a few months of not posting, I became part of the problem!

Then this story came about. We are all being told to shut our mouths, are we not? If we do not agree we are first told to shut up, if we do not, we are called names. Being called names by so called grown ups who have no idea what to do but follow the “in crowd.”

You need to not talk about your faith.  For those who think of beauty pageants as anachronisms for young women in an era of liberation, doesn’t this speak volumes about the attitudes of the organizers?  Just shut up and look pretty, even if people are attacking you.

Let’s remember why Prejean has to talk about this at all.  The organizers of the national contest invited an outspoken gay-marriage advocate and allowed him to turn the pageant into a soapbox for his own purposes.  After Prejean gave her honest answer, choosing to have the confidence in her own faith and intellect, Hilton then went on a media tear, calling Prejean a “b***h” and saying he wished he could call her an even more vulgar term demeaning towards women.

And the beauty pageant organizers want her to shut up, smile, and just take it — and apologize for having an opinion.

What a breakthrough for women!

I guess this smart, out spoken lady, who is not afraid to talk in this PC world where we are suppose to act and talk like robots. She was not afraid!

More important, she made me no longer part of the problem. I will post about the rights and the wrongs. I will stand up for the values we where founded on as a whole and I will fight for those values.


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April Snow Storm

I thought it was a bad dream. I awoke this early morning and seen snow hanging on tightly to the pine tree right in front of my bedroom window. It was to early to wake up! And I was cold, very cold!

I feel back asleep, to be woken up by the whining of my dog. He needed to go out, and out now! My eyes not yet wanting to open. I thought to myself, was it a dream? Did I really see snow at the first light of the day? And why is it so darn cold in the house?

My eyes still blurry from the good nights sleep, and as they are focusing in, oh yes it snowed. And I mean it really snowed sometime in the dark of night. We from the North Woods are all to aware not to let 70 degree weather only a few days ago fool us. But, this snowfall I think took a lot of us off guard. As we have not seen a snowfall like this all winter long. And winter is really suppose to be over with.

We have about 8 inches of wet heavy snow. That is why we had no power in the early morning. The branches from the trees hanging down to their breaking point. It is still snowing and almost close to three in the afternoon. The weather folks do have us under a snow storm warning till tomorrow morning!

The kids up north here are used of this winter weather and school was not canceled. For the most part school is only canceled when we get cold weather, and not snow. The buses will protest in the cold, the kids dance and laugh.

As for me, the power came back on and we warmed up the house. Keeping the heat on a bit higher then normal. With wet snow still falling and the branches getting more snow on them, the power will be out again. Keeping the heat on and higher will let the house stay warmer a little bit longer.

Hey, did I just hear, “sleding?”

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Saturday Post

The spring weather that has graced us here in the North Woods, with sun and warmth. Is now for a few days going to be coming to a crashing end. With cold air, some rain, and snow! Now mind you, we do need the rain as we are in a sever drought and fire levels remain “very high.” What we do not want after a long cold winter is snow!

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Spring / I am Back

With winter now over, busy times with family, husband working more than a thousand miles away this winter. I am back to post daily! And I am so happy about that.

Winter is over up in the great North Woods of Wisconsin. A few small piles of snow from the long cold winter, that the snow plows have piled up. They are slowly melting into our dry ground, our brown thirsty ground. This whole week we have been in the 70s or inching ever so close to the 70 degree mark.

The summer birds have been flocking in, singing their morning greeting to us. The animals are waking up from their long winter nap, the female deer are getting fat, ready for their young to be born. Today I head the eerie sound of the Loon.

To say this winter was a long  one, is an under statement. My husband went to Florida to work. As the buidling industry is struggling to find work. A long winter made even longer for the both of us and a lot of familys up north. I have no idea what this summer will bring for us. But I feel we have not even made it over the hump, not even can see the bump that all of us will have to pass.

With the sun shinning warm, beginning of a renew of life as the weather warms and the North Woods awakes from the long winter. I can put behind the hard times of this winter, and we had many. As life renews and begins again, we will have to also begin again, a start over, a do over.

It feels good to be back!

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