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April Snow Storm

I thought it was a bad dream. I awoke this early morning and seen snow hanging on tightly to the pine tree right in front of my bedroom window. It was to early to wake up! And I was cold, very cold!

I feel back asleep, to be woken up by the whining of my dog. He needed to go out, and out now! My eyes not yet wanting to open. I thought to myself, was it a dream? Did I really see snow at the first light of the day? And why is it so darn cold in the house?

My eyes still blurry from the good nights sleep, and as they are focusing in, oh yes it snowed. And I mean it really snowed sometime in the dark of night. We from the North Woods are all to aware not to let 70 degree weather only a few days ago fool us. But, this snowfall I think took a lot of us off guard. As we have not seen a snowfall like this all winter long. And winter is really suppose to be over with.

We have about 8 inches of wet heavy snow. That is why we had no power in the early morning. The branches from the trees hanging down to their breaking point. It is still snowing and almost close to three in the afternoon. The weather folks do have us under a snow storm warning till tomorrow morning!

The kids up north here are used of this winter weather and school was not canceled. For the most part school is only canceled when we get cold weather, and not snow. The buses will protest in the cold, the kids dance and laugh.

As for me, the power came back on and we warmed up the house. Keeping the heat on a bit higher then normal. With wet snow still falling and the branches getting more snow on them, the power will be out again. Keeping the heat on and higher will let the house stay warmer a little bit longer.

Hey, did I just hear, “sleding?”


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