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Miss USA Pageant

First, I tried to stop posting about the news. I was getting mad and tired about how the MSM was reporting to only suit there needs and wants. After a few months of not posting, I became part of the problem!

Then this story came about. We are all being told to shut our mouths, are we not? If we do not agree we are first told to shut up, if we do not, we are called names. Being called names by so called grown ups who have no idea what to do but follow the “in crowd.”

You need to not talk about your faith.  For those who think of beauty pageants as anachronisms for young women in an era of liberation, doesn’t this speak volumes about the attitudes of the organizers?  Just shut up and look pretty, even if people are attacking you.

Let’s remember why Prejean has to talk about this at all.  The organizers of the national contest invited an outspoken gay-marriage advocate and allowed him to turn the pageant into a soapbox for his own purposes.  After Prejean gave her honest answer, choosing to have the confidence in her own faith and intellect, Hilton then went on a media tear, calling Prejean a “b***h” and saying he wished he could call her an even more vulgar term demeaning towards women.

And the beauty pageant organizers want her to shut up, smile, and just take it — and apologize for having an opinion.

What a breakthrough for women!

I guess this smart, out spoken lady, who is not afraid to talk in this PC world where we are suppose to act and talk like robots. She was not afraid!

More important, she made me no longer part of the problem. I will post about the rights and the wrongs. I will stand up for the values we where founded on as a whole and I will fight for those values.


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