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The Really Mean People Full Of Hate


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Oh YES, I am BACK! Summer is over with, or really for us in the north woods this year was the year with out a summer. Oh, but now, we have had above normal temps. We are still in a major drought though. With the fall season fast approaching, the ferns, the forest plants, the trees turning color, losing their summer cloths. The fire danger remains high to extreme.

As for what is going on in Washington, with the MSM, Oh I have been watching, reading, anything I can get my hands on, and anything I can watch, see, hear, learn. Trying to stop my head from spinning, wondering what the heck are people thinking! Wondering if these folks will wake up out of their Obama trance, before it is too late. To late not only for those of us who have half a brain and some common sence left, but to late for generations to come, and well to late for those who support what is going on in Washington.

The job market in the north woods of Wisconsin is awful, and I suppose just like a lot of other places, small towns around the Country. My husband is in the construction business. Really, it has hurt us when the housing bubble busted. We have not built one house from the “ground up” this whole year. As winter is coming, it does not look good to get a house. People are not even doing remodeling right now. Nothing but what is needed, is being done in the housing business. People no longer have the money for those extras. Like adding on a room, a sunroom, that extra bedroom or bathroom. Landscaping, flowers, water systems, pools, and the like, people simply do not have that extra cash on hand.

Folks are scared, well, the folks that know and care what is going on. As for the others, like I have been saying, I do not understand. To tell the truth, I never thought it was going to get this bad! Dont get me wrong, I knew it would get hard, but this? People it is down right scary!!!

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