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The Really Mean People Full Of Hate


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The House Vote On Stimulus

The house passed the stimulus package.  244-188 votes

No republicans did vote yes, and 10 dems did vote no. I am glad that they did not get the republican vote.

I have that sick feeling in the pit of my gut, this will pass and we will be majorly screwed. As I heard today on Glenn Beck, this is not a “stimulus package”, it is a “spending package.”

The stimulus will add 9,000 in debt to each and every household!

We cannot forget the 347 BILLION we will have to pay in interest for this bill.

The stimulus package is going to cost us, it is not going to help us. It is about government spending our money. When has government spending helped us? In what past history has government spending helped?

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Good Luck To Our New President

Today I watched Fox News, I watched as we said good bye to Bush, and hello to our new president, Obama. I did not vote for Obama. I am mad at the way the media played favorites, I am disheartened at the way others treated the Rep. running for office, which was shown no class.

Today as I watched, and I know of many others who would not watch Obama taking office. I seen all those millions of people, millions of people, together! If nothing else, for today, I seen people of all different races together. Being of Native American, I guess I can say this from that point of view. If for only a day, if I can find the good thing to say, seeing two million people together, my heart softened.

Obama has promised allot, he is now my president in mine and our America. Maybe today we have seen that we can come together as one. Now we need, together as one, hold Obama and the new administration up to these promises.

No matter race, money, where we came from, what our job is, single, married, it is up to us the people. Like me who did not vote for Obama, like it or not he is our president. The county is now in the hands of a different office. Scary times, yes. We now have to hold Obama accountable for all his actions. Not get caught up in all the MSM hype, in the fairy tale world thinking, and blaming all others for faults.

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More Great Reporting From The MSM

From our great MSM, MSNBC, this is how they show respect right after President Bush delivers his farewell address. They cannot just shut their big fat mouths. Or hey, I have an idea, say something positive! Being a republican, no I do not agree with everything Bush has done, or not have done.  But I do have respect for the man.

I am sick of being called a racist because I did not vote for Obama, nor not caring for our country, and all other kinds of mean, heartless, words and cries from folks that followed the crowd. Those that started this cult following, the MSM could at least, one would think anyway, have a tiny bit of dignity left. But I guess that is not the kind of “hope and change” they want.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The scary thing about the last eight years is that George Bush, whatever you think of him, came to office pretty much tabula rasa in terms of philosophy. He didn’t have much. He was a rich kid driving his father’s car. He got to be President because of his father, let’s face it, the same way he got into school and everything else, the same way he got his car probably. But the scary thing about Bush is somewhere he came to meet people like Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby and Paul Wolfowitz and Feith and the rest of them.

Are you kidding me? Please tell me what experience Obama has, and gee, shall we talk about who Obama associates are and who they have been? Now that is what I call “the scary thing.”

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No Experience Needed

When I think Obama’s fairy tale thinking world cannot get anymore crazy I hear stories like this one. Really, what is he thinking? Is Obama’s world in his mind so unfeigned from the real world he will hire someone with no experience to head up the CIA?  He really is out of touch with the people, with this country, with our safety. I am afraid we are all going to pay the price. He is not “uber cool” he is not about “change” he cannot keep us safe. He is not even “uber smart”!

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Obama Change.Gov

I guess, we can now change whatever we want, that is as long as we are Obama? This is un-real, yet it is real. Tell me agian, how is this guy going to help our Country? I have yet heard how, I hear a bunch of fairy tale stories coming out of his mouth and that is all. Now, we can change the rules to suit us. Interesting!?

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News Bites

In early November, polls indicated that nearly half the public supported federal assistance to the big automakers when this issue first came before Congress.

But evidence in surveys from other organizations suggests that the poor performance by executives from GM, Ford and Chrysler at congressional hearings, and the admission that they had taken private jets to get there, resulted in a steep drop in support for government assistance to automakers…

Opposition to the bailout of the auto industry is widespread across the country, even the Midwest, where the domestic automakers have their headquarters and many of their assembly plants.

The poll indicates that most opposition to the bailout comes from the West, where opposition reaches 67 percent. Sixty-one percent of those polled in the Northeast, 64 percent in the South and 53 percent in the Midwest oppose using federal dollars to help the automakers.

Why should we bail out the 3 big auto makers? They are so out of touch with their fellow Americans, the blue collar workers, and I think just about every person.

Do they have any idea what there actions are now causing a good part of the American people to go through? This bail out seems like a “damned if we do, damned if we dont. Pick either one and we are going to pay for it.

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Black Friday

Police said about 2,000 people were gathered outside the Wal-Mart doors before its 5 a.m. opening at a mall about 20 miles east of Manhattan. The impatient crowd knocked the employee, identified by police as Jdimytai Damour, to the ground as he opened the doors, leaving a metal portion of the frame crumpled like an accordion.

And what were the deals?  They didn’t look that significant, especially in light of what happened:

Items on sale at the Valley Stream Wal-Mart included a Samsung 50-inch Plasma HDTV for $798, a Bissel Compact Upright Vacuum for $28, a Samsung 10.2 megapixel digital camera for $69 and DVDs such as “The Incredible Hulk” for $9.

As I watched the news this morning I became utterly disgusted! The Headlines today about how a young worker died as people trampled him, walked on him, while other workers tried to help, they where knocked over too.  The new is calling it a “death”, I am calling it murder!

A murder because you cannot tell me, these people did not see what they where doing. If you step on something you look down, do you not? I have heard some where laughing at this young man too. People kept shopping and yelled when they were told the store was closing because of the murder of this young man.

It started before the doors opened for shopping, people started to brake down the door. I seen glass all over the ground. I was all so surprised to see people with gifts in their shopping carts outside the store. Now, these people had to know what was going on, yet continued to shop, then bought those items? I hope it was will worth the money they saved. I hope they can tell that to the loved ones this young man left behind!

Is this what Christmas is all about? Killing to get into a store, fighting at Toys R Us, bringing guns into a Toys R Us store? No care for other people any more, no care for the children. There is no reason that is good enough for me to hear, not one!

I can only hope the loved ones of that young man go after all those who trampled him, who killed their loved, with murder charges. You might say murder charges are a bit to much. I say no way! People for way to long now have gone with out dealing with there actions. I am not talking about actions that get you put in jail. The actions I am talking about is, how we treat others! Is this going to be the new norm for us? Get what you want in anyway possible? If you have to lie, steal, and cheat? Did those people not lie, steal and cheat?

They lied about Christmas and what it is all about, they lied to them selves, to their children. They took a life, it did not belong to them. They cheated many out of the spirit of Christmas, cheated a family out of spending holidays with their loved one. He will never be at the dinner table, never celebrate Christmas, he is gone from this world.

I have been saying for awhile now about how all morals and values have gone out of so many hearts. Yesterday is still un real for me to believe, but it happened. For why, to save a few bucks!? Money does make many people evil, this is the proof of that fact.

I for one will not be shopping in any Wal Mart, in any big named store this holiday season, nor do I think I will for many years to come. I will shop at my local stores, the small town stores, where people still care for others. I will keep those left behind in this senseless murder in my prayers, and remember him on Christmas with prayers. I will never go shopping on “Black Friday.” Those people that trampled on that young man do not deserve to spend Christmas with their families. They deserve to be behind bars!

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