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The Weekend Up North

The last day of January! It is a perfect day to the end of the first month of the new year.

We woke up with a beutiful frost that clung to all the ever green trees. It was truly a winter wonder land this morning and through out the day today.

We finally broke the long cold spell today.  We up north did not get above freezing today, but still headlines are the same all down south. 

954 AM CST SAT JAN 31 2009






              DAYS IN A ROW             DATE OF
  1               52            DEC 30 1978  TO  FEB 21 1979
  2               47            DEC 24 1917  TO  FEB 10 1918
                  47            DEC 31 1911  TO  FEB 17 1912
  4               46            JAN  7 1977  TO  FEB 23 1978
  5               40            DEC 18 1969  TO  JAN 28 1970

  6               39            JAN 14 1936  TO  FEB 23 1936
  7               38            JAN 19 1904  TO  FEB 27 1904

Like I have been saying, this winter season for cold temps. is one we will not soon forget. It was a slow start in terms of snowfall, and we are below normal for snowfall. But the cold temps. have kept the snow we do get from melting. We cannot have it all, nor the perfect winter weather every year, as much as we would like too.

This weekend also looks to be good for our local businesses. With a lot of snowmobiles out, and talking to a local bait store owner, the ice fishing is starting to pick up now. With our ice conditions at there best, people are having no problems getting on the lakes. Last night my hubby measured the ice, about 30-32 inches of ice.

We did not yet get our annual “winter thaw” yet this season. At least once during the winter we get warm weather, and a major thaw. I remember one year in February, most of the snow melted and we where flying kites, in tee shirts! Oh what one will do up here for entertainment in the long, cold, and dark winter months. Those are extreme thaws, and not welcomed by people who depend on snow. And on folks like my husband and I who wait all summer for snowmobiling and ice fishing.

I do know the folks down south in Wisconsin are happy with the weather today. Not only did they have record cold this year, they also had all the record snow to contend with too. That can take such a major toll in many ways on the towns and the cities.

We still have more winter to come up here in the North Woods of Wisconsin. And right now, what a perfect time to come and play in the snow!


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This and thats

Today I thought before I started posting on the news, I would just write about other going ons.

The weather is still cold up here in the great north woods of Wisconsin. This morning we woke up to 17 below zero. I no longer remember how many nights in a row we have been below zero. And how many of those nights with the wind chill dropping to 35-40 below zero. I do love winter, but this cold blows big time!

We have been getting some lake affect snow, our snow total is finally going up. It is now darn near perfect for all outdoor winter sports. I have no complaints there!

More good news, we are now just starting to see more folks coming up here to enjoy all the winter sports. We have so much going on this time of the year. We have a few big ice fishing tournamentscoming up, and those are always so much fun. The ice is perfect right now too.  I noticed last weekend a big jump on the amount of folks out on the trails. I seen alot of trailers parked at local hotels. That is more then good news, that is great news!

Talking with local business owners on Monday, they said it was a busy weekend. And hope it keeps up now till the end of winter. Alot of families where up too, something we have not seen in awhile.


I was thinking of starting something new. Giving a “shout out” to our local businesses. We have so many great folks up here that offer so much. We still have many ” mom and pop” stores too. I think it would be fun.

One other thing on my mind today, or for the last few days. Yeah, those little thoughts that pop in and out.

I hope I finally found the Theme that I like for my blog. I have been changing it for the last week or so. I dislike doing that, but I want one that I like. Gets me more in the mood to write. And boy, I could always us help on that.

I really love to write, and now that I have just started to blog, I am finding it to be so much fun. I do have tons still I need to improve on. To become a good writer you have to start some place. Yes, I have been writing since I can remember, in my own notebooks. There is a big difference to go from a notebook to being good, and writing what people want to read. I am by no means one of those people who was born a good writer. OH, far, far, from it. I have learned to do many things in my life. I know if I work at it, do it often, I can do it.  As for now, still learning and loving every second of it.

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This That And Others

I think I am on an overload, head exploding, news intoxication. After yesterday and this morning with nothing but news on TV, looking at news on websites, I am burned out. And I am a major news junky too. What is happening to me? I never thought I would be feeling this way.

Now everything is sounding the same, I am dreaming about news, hell I think I started to sound like a warning to the dreaded music that comes on right before a big news alart.

I even forgot I had a laptop and was steaming behind my half fake smile, while my hubby was on what I thought at the time was the only computer in the house.


Today we are going snowmobiling, hit the trails, get some much needed fresh air. We have been getting such much needed snow since Saturday. The trails are in the best condition they have been all winter season.

We are preparing for anouther winter cold artic air mass coming in on Friday. You know, just in time for the weekend when we get people up here for snowmobiling. With freezing rain and drizzle thrown in, to make it a real good mixer.

Now I must go, go out to enjoy the beauty of living.

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Wishing all a happy and healthy new year!

Being it is 9:30 and my dear husband is all ready in bed, I will be staying up with the dogs and watching Fox when the new year starts.

We did have company tonight for dinner and we even cooked outside on the grill. Cooking on the grill for us is not only a summer time tradition. The temp. started to drop below zero early tonight, with 6 below zero by the time the stakes where done. It was so very well worth it!

We all so cook out on the lake in the winter. Nothing tastes better on a cold day out fishing then hot dogs and brats on the ice! Really it is the best!



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Vacation Time Is Over

With my Christmas season done for this year, I can now get back to posting.

I took this season off from my computer because my dear husband had his Christmas vacation. With being just my husband and I with no children, we take this time to be together, be with our families and friends.

I am the computer geek in the house. My dear husband can turn on my laptop and play a few games, and that is about it. When I go on the computer, I can be on it for hours and not even notice. And if I get into researching something, forget it, nothing much can take me away.

We did have a wonderful Christmas. A few where sick in the family with that cold/flu going around up here. Christmas day was nice, peaceful, darn near perfect!

The weather on the other hand was bad for us in the north woods for a few day. We warmed up into the upper 40s and had rain, and mist for two days in a row. Taking with it a lot of our snow that was just starting to add up. The lakes became slush, all the trails where very sloppy. Now, still without snow to help, at least the weather is cooling down. The slush on the lakes should start to freeze, and now at least the snowmobile trails will have a good base. The trails are very icy right now, I will take icy over bare.

I have been going through news with-drawls the last few days. Yes, I know, I am strange! With only the MSM on the T.V. and not being able to check out my news websites, blogs, and the like, it was so hard!

My first stop on the computer this early evening was to my blog, now I am off to my websites.


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This Weeks Winter Weather

Down state Wisconsin is still getting more snow fall then we are up north. But, some good news, our snow is starting to add up. We are getting help from lake affect snow, and 3-4 inches of snow falling for the last few days. Those little snow falls each day has added up to finally a nice amount of snow. Not that we do not need more, we still do.

The snowmobile trails should be in “good” condition. I will be going out riding tonight for the first time this year. I have talked to a few locals on Sunday, that have been out. We had some bad ruts still, and bumpy spots. The snow that has feel Saturday and this week all ready should extremely help our snowmobile trails. We cannot forget about our “silent sports” this snow will also help out the ski trails and snow shoeing too.

Ice fishing has been hit and miss the last few days and this past weekend. The walleyes are starting to move in deeper waters. My husband caught one small walleye in 15 feet of water. The ice on the lakes are at a foot plus. My brother was the first to drive out on our favorit winter lake. No, not something I would advise doing if you do not know the lake well. Check at our local bait stores for information on ice conditions. Our local paper has all the fishing information in the outdoor section.

Our highways are not bare right now. The weather for awhile now has been to cold for the salt to work well. The back roads are mostly ice covered and very slippery. As of this morning we are still using sand on the highways to help. I cannot stress the importance of slowing down! When you are coming to a stop, start slowing down way in advance. Four wheel drive will not help on ice. If you loss control going 55mph, and are in four wheel drive, you are less likely to recover. Slow down even if you have 4 wheel drive! You still cannot go as fast as you do on bare pavement!

The weather service is calling for freezing rain starting on Friday. If this does hold true we are not in a good way at all. We will then have layers of ice, snow, more ice, then again snow. Keep track on the weather and on the roads. This time of year is a good time before leaving to check out this site, “Winter Road Conditions.” As I look today, not one place in the state of Wisconsin is in good driving condition. It is winter, it is time for us all to slow down.

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“At Least The Sun Is Out”

Today it has warmed up, it is a balmy 8 above zero! Mother nature loves to fool with us this time of year. She does have a sense of humor, I will give her that.

The sun is out, we have a fresh inch or so of new snow. The snow hangs to the pine trees, as to say, “let me make you beautiful, I will make you sparkle like a diamond.” The winter birds are singing to the sun, and warming in her rays. That is when mother nature plays her joke on us humans.

 We look outside, think what a perfect day for a winter walk, looking at all Gods glory. We open the door, the warm sun hits our face, a few more steps outside, “bam” the joke is played. The nose begins to run, eyes start to water, saying to our brain, ” hey stupid it is freezing out here!” With our heads hung low, as some how that is suppose to help keep the cold away. The walk gets faster, now only to the mail box is in our thoughts. By the time we turn around to come back into the house, we are now running. The sting of the cold air is hitting every inch of our face, mumbling to our self, about how cold it really is. We open the door as fast as we can, the birds I swear by now are laughing, the trees give a slight wave as we go inside.

“How was your walk,” asks your significant other. Not bad, at least the sun is out!

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Cold Start

We had a cold start to the day. Yes, winter is here! I woke up to 8 below zero this early morning. The folks like my husband that have to work outside in the cold sure have to bundle up warm with mornings like today.

The cold weather we have been having so far is great for the ice. And the ice fishing has been good so far this ice fishing season. The nice thing about early fishing, you do not have to fish in deep water. We fish for walleye, this time of the year you can catch walleye sometimes in only three feet of water. That was the case the other night when my husband caught a 27 inch walleye. 

I would say the ice is now around 6 inches deep. I am sure with the cold air last night it added some more good ice. The ice is not yet drivable, maybe for ATVs and snowmobiles. You still have to know the lake you are fishing, and know where there are springs, and running water. It really does not matter how much ice is on the lakes, in those spots it is never safe. This time of year is one of the best times to get out and go fishing if you can get out. This fishing is easy, and you do not have to go far out on the lake for walleye.

The sun is at least out today. It makes it seem much warmer then it is outside. I call it snot freezing cold. When you go outside, well, you can only guess. I will leave that thought up to the imagination.

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Todays Thoughts

I cannot believe it is all ready December! Only a few short weeks left till Christmas, and the start of a new year. The summer as always went way to fast. We did not have a hot summer, nor a cold one, but just right this year. Fall always seems to go the fastest of the seasons, and I do love fall, my favorit time of the year. Spring comes in a close second to fall. I love the smell of spring, I love to hear the summer birds returning from their warm winter away.

This winter we yet have a lot of snow on the ground. The last few years Madison, the south part of the state has got all the snow.  This summer they got all the rain, and way more then they could handle, with lots of flooding. While we up north are in a drought. Our lakes are the lowest I can remember in the 30 some years of life. We depend on getting snow to help bring up our lake levels, and keep them at a good level too. With cold weather, no snow, our lakes get to much ice, and we then get what is called, ” winter kill.” To much ice and not enough oxygen getting into the lakes. The fish go belly up and costs us a good summer of fishing. As I have been saying, the weather can makes us or brake us. There are so many factors with the weather, those small things like winter kill from having cold weather and no snow.

As many store signs and bullenten boards have posted I will repet here, ” THINK

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Happy Thanksgiving

Today we ate good and are all stuffed like the Thanksgiving turkey. My husband and his family go out deer hunting and come home to a wonderful dinner. That is our tradition in the family, and has been tradition since I can remember. We are very blessed my husband and I, with family and friends for all the holidays.

We also had our winter weather start tonight. This afternoon we had freezing drizzle, that did not make for nice driving, trust me. Tonight it is snowing and the wind is blowing the snow around. We do need a lot more snow then what we have.

The first ice is on the lakes and some of my family are all ready fishing. Now for me, I need a lot more ice on the lakes. Fishing is always good at first ice, as we call it. We will be out on the lakes soon fishing too.

Now we can all say, “think snow.”

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