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Spring / I am Back

With winter now over, busy times with family, husband working more than a thousand miles away this winter. I am back to post daily! And I am so happy about that.

Winter is over up in the great North Woods of Wisconsin. A few small piles of snow from the long cold winter, that the snow plows have piled up. They are slowly melting into our dry ground, our brown thirsty ground. This whole week we have been in the 70s or inching ever so close to the 70 degree mark.

The summer birds have been flocking in, singing their morning greeting to us. The animals are waking up from their long winter nap, the female deer are getting fat, ready for their young to be born. Today I head the eerie sound of the Loon.

To say this winter was a long  one, is an under statement. My husband went to Florida to work. As the buidling industry is struggling to find work. A long winter made even longer for the both of us and a lot of familys up north. I have no idea what this summer will bring for us. But I feel we have not even made it over the hump, not even can see the bump that all of us will have to pass.

With the sun shinning warm, beginning of a renew of life as the weather warms and the North Woods awakes from the long winter. I can put behind the hard times of this winter, and we had many. As life renews and begins again, we will have to also begin again, a start over, a do over.

It feels good to be back!


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“STOP HAVING CHILDREN.” Steven Kotler has declared that responsible adults should stop having children in order to save the planet. Those who are having kids, are being selfish and stealing from the future, the rest of humanity, and “every living thing on the earth,” he wrote. Have too many kids and you should go to jail.

Does this guy need to see his own head doctor? I mean really? I think he cannot like himself that much, or he has problems in the bedroom.

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The TWINS Are Born

An update to the above post.

Early Tuesday morning my sister in laws water broke. Our little Mason was not going to stay in momma no longer. At 5:20am the two boys came into the world. Trenton is holding his own now, as the twins are premature. Mommy and Daddy are doing very well, and our Mason is doing great.

As auntie to my only siblings children I can say it is so wonderful. I cannot have my own children and know God has His own plan for me and my husband.  We have both always been content with that. I am busy right now making the hour drive each day to the hospital. When I get home I just about crash. And that is what I am going to do now.

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I have been away from my computer, and away from my news again. This time not because I was in a news overload and disgusted with every aspect of what was and is going on.

My only sibling, my younger brother and his wife are expecting twin boys any day now. My sister-in-law is on bed rest.  Any my brother is waiting surgery. Life keeps going and babies do not want to wait for their due date, nor my brothers surgery.

Mom and babies are both doing great! Mom will be having a c-section as one of the boys are breach and he thinks it is time to come into the world right now. She is only a few short weeks from her due date and the doctors want to keep those boys cooking as long as everyone is healthy.

I am blessed that my brother and sister-in-law only live a mile down the road. And my husband and I being not able to have children are on cloud nine right now! We also have most of our family in our small towns around the area.

I have been recording the news and watching it late at night. I have been taking notes in one of my many “news notebooks.” DVRs ROCK! I still need my news fixes.

This weekend my better half will be fishing and you can bet I will be back posting about all the new, news that has arose this past week.  All I have to say right now, WOW.  This is “going to be a bumpy ride,” to boring that quote from a dear friend of mine. That is saying it mildly right now.

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ACORN Getting Stimulus Money

Incredibly, the Democrats’ bill makes groups like ACORN eligible for a $4.19 billion pot of money for “neighborhood stabilization activities.”

 Now House Democrats are taking the unprecedented step of making ACORN and other groups eligible for these funds:

I do not understand how the Rep. could let this happen? ACORN might get money. Do I think ACORN will get this horrid amount of money, yes, sadly I do.

It might be fraud is the only way a Dem got into office? This is sickening.

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Obama, Dont Listen To Rush

The first in Obamas telling his cult who they should listen to, and who they should not. I am sure there will be more to come. You know, we should not have a mind or our own, no, the great Obama says so.

I wonder if he is in Amway? Sounds like what they tell people.

The government is now going to own all in the private sector. We are going to give banks money. We have someone that is going to run the IRS that cannot do his own taxes and owed over thirty thousand dollars. Yeah, this is “change.” And cannot forget, lets close Gitmo, and set them free, or have those in our back yard. Great change, great change.

Now the only hope and change I will count on, we only have four years of this man that does not like freedom!

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HEY Get Your Poster

“Celebrate this historic moment and our first step toward change.”

Where is this money going? I got an idea, give it back to the people that did not vote for him! You know that ones that love and honor the Constitution.

I am so sick of the word “change” I am so sick of seeing his smug face all over the place!  If only our troops would get this kind of attention!

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The View

Coulter, I have to give her a lot of credit for one just going on The View. If one has ever tried to sit down and watch this show, in fact, is this really even a show? You notice no one can have a “view” of their own. Joy has the loudest mouth and if she does not get her way, her big loud mouth heard I should say, will pout like a child.

This show is all about who can over talk one another, it drive me nuts to try to watch more the a few minutes. If they really want a “view” about what “real” woman feel. Why dont they get real world woman on the show to host it. You know, the moms, stay at home, working moms, single woman, married woman. Really, these woman have no idea about the real world, or even the real world view!

Go here to see the interview.

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I do not know why but I just had to giggle to myself when I read that we will have an ” UBER-COOL” president. Really?

I just threw up in my mouth a little, excuse me while I go rinse.

I do have a question, is UBER even a word?

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Winter Weather

The big arctic cold air front has yet to move through North Wisconsin. Never the less, the weather today was not pleasant. We had snow and rain for the most part of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, the weather out west is bad, and can be deadly.

We are and have been under a winter weather advisory all day. Mostly for the folks going out and driving when the roads with this type of weather can be snow covered, slippery, and slushy too. Our highway department has been out all day keeping the roads safe. This is another example of a “thankless job,” yet with out them, we would not be going no place fast during our winter months.

The highway department does allot more then just plow the roads and they employ a good number of people. They are out in the worst of weather, be it in the winter, or after a bad summer storm. Remember if you come across a plow truck, slow down, move over, they have to keep the center line of the highway clean from snow. If you are behind a plow truck, do not tail gate. They cannot see you if you are right on there tail. When it is safe, most guys will pull over and let you pass. And sometimes the winter weather is even to bad for the plow trucks to go out. If it gets to cold out, the salt they put on the roads will not work. If the wind is blowing to strong, blowing and drifting snow to fast on the roads, they will wait till it is safe to go out and start plowing the roads. These trucks are not four wheel drive.

Do not go out for a drive, just to see how bad it really is out there. Yes, a lot of folks do this. You put yourself in danger and others that need to be out on the roads. The most important advice, and it is not that hard to do, “slow down!” In a matter of a few minutes the roads can go from being just wet to glare ice. No place that you have to go is so important that you have to risk your life and the life of others. The police will give you a ticket in the winter for driving to fast for conditions. If we all use common sense we should be fine.

It is still warm outside this early evening here. We are above freezing still. The cold weather is coming soon though. We also are under a wind chill advisory starting at 3am, going to 3am on Tuesday. We are suppose to have wind chills down to 30 below zero! With strong winds us that live up here know our power can go out and many times they do go out. Let me tell you, it can get cold really fast in the house too. We get water ready, turn the heat up, and keep everything closed up. This will help if the power goes out in the winter.

These rain is not good for winter sports. The snowmobile trails are going to open this coming week. We like the snow up here, we need the snow up here. So I will end this post with what we folks that love winter sports and depend on winter sports to make a living: THINK SNOW!!

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